Peace & Development

The main goal of Norwegian development cooperation is to contribute towards lasting improvements in the economic, social and political conditions of people living in developing countries. Special emphasis is given to assistance benefiting the poorest sectors of communities. 

One of the goals of development cooperation is to contribute towards promoting equal rights and opportunities for women and men in all areas of society.  Since the early 1990s Norway has played a role as facilitator in a number of peace and reconciliation processes around the world. A current priority is the integration of a gender perspective into the peace and reconciliation work.

Norway has adopted a national plan of action for the implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security (2000). This plan was launched March 8 2006. Since then, the Security Council has adopted six additional resolutions on women, peace and security, SR1820 (2008), 1888 (2009), 1889 (2009), 1960 (2010), 2106 (2013) and 2122 (2013), reaffirming and strengthening the first resolution.

In 2019 Norway launched the fourth National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security 2019-2022, which updates and enhances previous Action Plans.