About Gender in Norway

Gender in Norway is an information service about governmental gender equality work, gender research, and gender statistics in Norway.

Gender in Norway presents the work Norway is doing in the field of gender equality within both the national and the international arena. Gender statistics and gender research contribute to providing a picture of Norwegian society from a gender perspective.

Gender in Norway does not duplicate information published on other websites but links to relevant Internet resources in English. You can find links to relevant policy documents, legislation, action plans etc. However, all such documents are not translated into English, therefore the information on this website is not exhaustive. 

The website is also a channel for news on gender equality, research and related issues. Follow Gender in Norway on Twitter. 

Kilden genderresearch.no is the coordinator of the Gender in Norway project.

Gender in Norway is financed by Bufdir - The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs.

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