Gender equality in Norway:
Research, statistics and policies

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Cars are still designed for men


With its research on safety for all, Volvo has a clear gender perspective on industrial innovation. So far they are quite alone in this respect.

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The EU raises the standard of Norwegian gender equality policies


That the EU affects Norwegian gender equality policies has mostly proven to be a good thing. But an individual-oriented policy puts pressure on the social democratic approach, say researchers.

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Men are more often than women fooled by placebo


It was not until the 1990s that researchers fully began to include both genders in health research. Sara Magelssen Vambheim has contributed with valuable new insights in her study of gender differences in pain experiences.

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She Figures 2018: Some progress, but not fast enough


Academia lacks gender balance when it comes to salary, academic level and subject area. Experts are calling for stronger measures to achieve gender balance.


Decline in fertility for immigrant women



In 2018, the total fertility rate (TFR) for immigrant women was 1.87 per woman - the lowest ever. The fertility rate for all women in Norway was 1.56.

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Decline in fertility



A total of 55 100 children were born in Norway in 2018, which is 1 500 fewer than 2017. This gives a total fertility rate (TFR) for women of 1.56.

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