Information and Resources on Gender Equality and Gender Research in Norway

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The Gender Equality Act
The Act relating to Gender Equality (the Gender Equality Act) was adopted by the parliament in 1978. The Act shall promote gender equality and aims in particular at improving the position of women. Women and men shall be given equal opportunities in education, employment and cultural and professional advancement. The law is based on the principle of non-discrimination, which is the cornerstone and basis for promoting gender equality. The Act was revised in 2013, but has not been translated to English.
The legislation on representation of both sexes in boards
Norwegian legislation secures gender balance in boards in public limited companies. The requirement of the gender representation law is that both sexes shall be represented on company boards by 40 per cent.
Origin date: 2011
The Allodial Rights Act (Odelsloven)
The Act gives relatives preference with respect to farm property and gives the eldest child, regardless of gender (until 1974 the eldest boy) first choice in taking over the farm. But research shows that parents encourage boys much more frequently than girls to exercise their allodial rights and take over the farm. It is a challenge for agricultural policies to motivate girls to make conscious choices and utilize their allodial rights. The Act is mentioned in Norway’s second national report on the Follow-up to the United Nations’ Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing 1995.
Origin date: 2013
Representation of both sexes on all official committees etc. (Section 21)
The Gender Equality Act requires that each gender is represented by at least 40 per cent of the members of all official committees, boards, councils, delegations, etc. of four members or more. Committees etc. elected by proportional representation are exempted.
Origin date: 2005
Rules of gender-representation in the Local Government Act of 2005
As a result of regulations issued pursuant to the Local Government Act, the provisions on representation of both sexes on official committees at municipal and county levels are now to be found in the Local Government Act. County chief administrative officers have been given the authority to enforce the provisions. According to § 37 and § 38 in the Act, gender should be a consideration when the body is established. 
Origin date: 1992