Information and Resources on Gender Equality and Gender Research in Norway

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The Gender Equality Act
The Act relating to Gender Equality (the Gender Equality Act) was adopted by the parliament in 1978. The Act shall promote gender equality and aims in particular at improving the position of women. Women and men shall be given equal opportunities in education, employment and cultural and professional advancement. The law is based on the principle of non-discrimination, which is the cornerstone and basis for promoting gender equality. The Act was revised in 2013, but has not been translated to English.
The Sexual Orientation Anti-Discrimination Act
The Act relating to a prohibition against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression (the Sexual Orientation Anti-Discrimination Act) entered into force on 1 January 2014. It applies to all areas of society apart from family life and the private sphere.
Origin date: 2013
The legislation on representation of both sexes in boards
Norwegian legislation secures gender balance in boards in public limited companies. The requirement of the gender representation law is that both sexes shall be represented on company boards by 40 per cent.
Origin date: 2011
The rights of parents of small children
This booklet explains the statutory rights of parents in relation to pregnancy, birth and adoption and when the children are small.
Origin date: 2007
The Father's Quota
As of 1 July 2014, the maternal and paternal quotas are ten weeks each of the total benefit period (49/59 weeks). If the father does not use the paternal quota, these weeks of leave usually expire. The original four-week paternity quota was introduced in 1993, and its purpose is to strengthen the father's relationship with the child. It was gradually expanded up to 14 weeks (for each parent), but reduced to 10 weeks after the change of government in 2013.
Origin date: 2014
The Norwegian Social Insurance Scheme
Brochure on the main general social insurance schemes in Norway, which are the National Insurance Scheme, the Family Allowance Scheme and the Scheme for Cash Benefit for Families with Small Children.
Origin date: 2014
The Working Environment Act
The new anti-discrimination regulations added to the Working Environment Act protect against labour market-related discrimination on the basis of gender and ethnic origin etc., as well as on the grounds of disability, sexual orientation, age and political conviction. The act also ensures employees the entitlement to leave of absence during pregnancy and childbirth. 
Origin date: 2005
The Cash Benefit Act
The cash benefit scheme provides a cash remuneration to parents who choose to care for their young children at home, instead of placing them in a kindergarten. The arrangement, since its introduction in 1998, has been a much and vehemently debated matter. The questions raised are largely in the area of gender equality, such as, if the measure may hinder progress in achieving gender equality, since it is largely women who make use of this offer.
Origin date: 1998