Information and Resources on Gender Equality and Gender Research in Norway

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A website with resources for those who work for an improved gender balance and diversity in the research sector, and those who are interested in issues on gender equality in science. The website is run by Kilden, on assignment for Committee for Gender Balance and Diversity in Research.
Committee for Gender Balance and Diversity in Research
The Committee shall support and give recommendations regarding measures that promote the integration of gender balance and diversity activities at universities, university colleges and research institutes, thus helping to increase diversity among the staff and in research. The Committee shall seek to raise the overall level of awareness of problems related to diversity and inclusion in the research system.
The Norwegian Centre for Human Rights
The Norwegian Centre for Human Rights - NCHR - is an independent national human rights institution, a centre for national and international research on human rights, a centre which promotes rights-based development and a centre for human rights education. The NCHR is a centre within the University of Oslo, Norway.