Information and Resources on Gender Equality and Gender Research in Norway

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The Gender Equality Act
The Act relating to Gender Equality (the Gender Equality Act) was adopted by the parliament in 1978. The Act shall promote gender equality and aims in particular at improving the position of women. Women and men shall be given equal opportunities in education, employment and cultural and professional advancement. The law is based on the principle of non-discrimination, which is the cornerstone and basis for promoting gender equality. The Act was revised in 2013, but has not been translated to English.
Act on an introductory programme and Norwegian language instruction for newly arrived immigrants (The Introduction Act)
An individually adapted introductory programme for newly arrived immigrants provides basic skills in Norwegian and gives insight into Norwegian society. According to the preparatory notes to this law, it shall aim at providing the necessary conditions that will enable women to take part in work life. Economic support is provided on an individual basis, and this measure also stresses the importance of women’s economic independence. Completion of the programme may in the long run affect an application for citizenship.
Origin date: 2005
Guidelines for processing of applications for a residence permit on an independent basis following the death of a sponsor or the breakdown of marriage or cohabitation
This circular provides guidelines on the processing of applications for residence permits on an independent basis pursuant to the Immigration Act section 53.
Origin date: 2012