Information and Resources on Gender Equality and Gender Research in Norway


Several of Norway's eight universities have centres for gender studies. The vast majority of gender research is still carried out at mainstream, traditional departments - in sociology, history, law, medicine, theology, and technology. Gender research has also traditionally been strong at autonomous research institutes in Norway.

The gender research field in Norway has adopted a double strategy - integration into mainstream institutions and organisations, yet also the building up of institutions and organisations of its own.

At national level there are several organisations, networks and institutions within gender research that either promote or work for the research community, or conduct research themselves.

For example:

KILDEN is the information centre for gender research in Norway. KILDEN is responsible at the national level for promoting and informing about Norwegian gender research both within Norway and abroad. KILDEN also documents resources and activities within gender research in Norway.

On the Nordic level gender research in Norway is also presented through NIKK Nordic Information on Gender. Norwegian gender researchers and their organisations from Norway are part of many Nordic and international organisations, networks, projects, PhD programmes etc. Among these are the Nordic Association for Women's Studies and Gender Research and the European networks ATGENDER and WINE.