Information and Resources on Gender Equality and Gender Research in Norway

Gender Statistics in Statistics Norway
Through collection, processing and dissemination of statistics and analysis, Statistics Norway contributes to a more informed public debate and strives to ensure that economic and social policy management is based on the best possible factual basis. The production of statistics is organized in three departments: economic, social, and industry statistics. Gender statistics cut across all departments, and where possible, gender statistics are mainstreamed into the regular dissemination of official statistics.

To strengthen and improve gender statistics, Statistics Norway has established one unit inside the Division of Social Welfare Statistics that coordinates gender statistics. The coordinator also functions as a focal point for stakeholders and users of gender statistics. The coordinator edits the web page Focus on Gender Equality, is responsible for the annually publication Gender equality index for Norwegian municipalities, and edits the report on the Economic Distribution between Women and Men, published as an appendix to the Government's annual budget proposal.

Statistics Norway also has one of the largest research departments in Norway. The Division of Social and Demographic Research analyses a broad range of issues concerning gender equality.