Information and Resources on Gender Equality and Gender Research in Norway

Cash's masculine vulnerability
It is OK for men to show vulnerability as long as it is related to a past they can control. This is how the researcher Eirik Askerøi interprets the musician Johnny Cash.
More than half of graduates are women
Most graduates from bachelor and master’s degree programmes are women in Norway and in most OECD countries. In a majority of OECD countries, more men than women hold a doctoral degree.
Middle-aged perform most unpaid welfare work - Minor gender disparities
One in six people regularly provide unpaid care to elderly, sick or disabled persons.The percentage performing unpaid welfare work is approximately the same for men and women. Nevertheless, there are some differences in the type of help given.
Controversy after Norwegian court fines hairdresser for denying service to Muslim woman
A discrimination case in a Norwegian court has sparked renewed debate over Islam’s place in Western society, after a Muslim convert wins her case against a hairdresser who refused to serve her for wearing a hijab.