Information and Resources on Gender Equality and Gender Research in Norway

Women with reduced functional abilities are considered asexual
To participate in the labour market and to have a family are things most people take for granted. Women with functional disabilities are deprived of many opportunities. The explanation may be both functional ability and gender, according to researcher.
Body-image pressure, school and worries make more girls mentally ill
More and more young girls seek help for mental problems. “Generally, girls take things more seriously than boys. This applies to school, friends and family," says researcher Anders Bakken.
Fertility declined to record low
A total of 56 600 children were born in 2017, 2 300 fewer than 2016. This gives a total fertility rate (TRF) for women of 1.62. This is the lowest level ever registered.
Norwegian Government calls on aid sector to intensify efforts to prevent sexual exploitation
Minister of Foreign Affairs Søreide and Minister of International Development Astrup are urging all partner organisations that receive funding from Norway to intensify their efforts to prevent sexual harassment, violence and abuse committed by employees in the aid sector.